Just Too Good To Be True

All art projects must be paused at this time. E. Lynn Harris has been working on this book for four years, and he is convinced that it is his most exciting novel yet. Released today - July 15th. My copy is on hold at Barnes & Noble.

Note to self: Do not eat lunch today - pick up book!

The story is about a handsome college football star devoted to his mother, who finds it increasingly difficult to honor his vow of celibacy. A charming cheerleader whose tempting beauty belies her deceitful, and criminal, motives. A single mother determined to protect her only son, but also the painful secret that, if revealed, threatens to destroy the bond she has with him.

Master storyteller and a New York Times bestselling author, once again weaves strong, intriguing characters with a twisting and surprising plot and serves up a seductive tale that his legions of devoted fans will devour.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on this latest novel Just Too Good to be True ! I've read every one of his books.

This is a photo of me and E. Lynn at a book signing 4 years ago at Eso Won Books .
Unfortunately, California is not one of his summer tour dates this year. Bummer!


don said...

i can say this - that synopsis will instantly hook any reader. just from reading it, i now want to read the book. i wonder the secret she's hiding? he's adopted.

mystele said...

what a great photo, and you are so beautiful!

i am very mary said...

Unfortunately, you are not shacking up with that man. Lordy.

Anonymous said...

I love E. Lynn Harris and have read all of his books! How lucky were you to get a photo with him! Gina