I Got Tagged!

Well, it was bound to happen at some point. And this is the point. Mystele from Little Glimpses has tagged me.

The rules are that I have to link back to the person that tagged me - ok, I did that.

Then post the rules on my blog - ok, I'm doing that right now.

Share six (6) unimportant things about myself. What does THAT mean?! Isn't everything about me important?! LOL

Then what? Oh, yeah . . .tag 6 people at the end of this whole thing.

Ummmmmm, sssssss, ahhhhhhhh, not sure how well that last one will go over with the people that visit MY blog. But ok, I'll post 6 things and then you can leave a comment and tell me if you want to play ok?

1. I change my mind about my decorating style on a monthly basis. I guess that's what's called eclectic.

2. I moved from Indianapolis, Indiana to Southern California on the Greyhound bus in 1975 and didn't have a clue where I was going to live. I'm still here.

3. I love sushi

4. I alter everything

5. I get in a "everythings-gotta-go" mood every couple of months and start throwing stuff out

6. I'm in that mood right now, so I've gotta go now!


mystele said...

hilarious!!!! we have some things in common!

Kristin Hubick said...

I wish I could do #2 but I think I'm stuck here :(. I love sushi too! AND I can relate to number 5... it's usually when I move though... guess I'm too lazy to pack/unpack so I get rid of almost everything!

Kristin Hubick said...

Oh, and I added you to my blog roll... otherwise I may never find you again! Nooooooooo..oooo..... :)

i am very mary said...

Um, yeah. So throw some of that stuff my way, because I seriously don't have enough! HA HA HA!

Shonna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your etsy shop and added it to my faves. I also really like your blog! We have a lot in common from your tagged list; I love sushi, to alter everything and to throw out stuff. Is there a such thing as an extreme non-hoarder??

Sherry Goodloe said...

Shonna - is there such a thing as an extreme hoarder AND a non-hoarder? One month I'm hoarding everything I can get my hands on, and the next month I can't stand to be around all the stuff! I think I have some sort of sickness that I don't have a name for. :-(