Got Jars?

Well, last Sunday I was going to try to at least put a *dent* in reorganizing my supplies. I must sadly report that I didn't get much accomplished.

Who knew it could take hours just to sift through and organize JARS of stuff?!

and more jars . . .

and MORE!

Who KNEW?!

SHEESH! I have no idea where to put these *#)_@ bunny rings!

And guess WHAT? This is only the tip of the iceberg. I just got so tired I couldn't do another jar!!

The chair that I used as a prop to photograph the jars on, is a chair I picked up at the Goodwill some time ago for a couple of bucks. I re-covered the seat with pink chenille fabric and collaged the chair with vintage book pages and some dress pattern tissue. I used Diamond Glaze to seal the papers.

I worked on this chair from the side of my bed during a bad bout with diverticulitis awhile back. It helped take my mind off the pain for a few days.

THIS weekend - PAPER!


Very Mary said...

I, too, am a jar whore. In fact, a few weeks ago, I bought three boxes full of old jars at the thrift. For $3.75. I nearly peed myself.

Vallen said...

The wonderful world of jars - yes, I live there, too. That chair is really cool - you did that while you were sick? Holy moly!! You're good!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Yep, it took my mind off the pain!