Help With Collaged Piece I'm Working On

Last weekend I picked up a small vintage suitcase at a garage sale for a steal! It was badly stained, but nothing a little collaging couldn't fix right? RIGHT!

I had a few loose vintage magazine pages laying around, so I decided to use them for this project. This is what I've done so far. After adding a few snippets of lace on the suitcase, I wished I had dipped them in melted beeswax before using the usual glue. Darn it! - next project.

What else do you think I should add to my collaged suitcase?

And just because I appreciate you taking the time to respond, before you leave your suggestion, go to, pick out an item from *Destash*, come back here, leave your suggestion and the name of the item you selected, and on Friday, May 30th I will place all entries in a bowl and randomly select someone to receive the item of their choice.

Thank you and have an art-filled day tomorrow!!


Brenda said...

how about using some of that black and white polka dot ribbon on your suitcase--and I would love to see some bling--rhinestones would really add some depth-but it is already awesome! You will have so much fun using it!

Kristin Hubick said...

You always have the BEST giveaways! And since I LOVE those tiny hangers on Etsy....
What about adding some paint to the still exposed areas of the suitcase and overlapping a bit on the images. You could take a circle stencil or some sequin waste and spray paint on the dots. I think it would pull it together. I would most likely use a pale pink. :). Or glue on some bright funky buttons throughout!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Thanks Brenda! You probably couldn't see it, so click on the photos to get a larger view. I used a piece of that b/w polka dot ribbon on the right side, and on the opposite side - I ran a piece of black ribbon with clear rhinestones attached. Wasn't sure where it was going though, so I stopped. LOL

And Kristen, I'm liking the pale pink paint and sequin waste ideas!

Ohhhh, I'm glad I'm off work again tomorrow so I can play some more!

Christy said...

I want those bottle caps... So here are my ideas/suggestions:
It needs color. Multiple color very transparent.

A slight transparent coloring of a nice yellow/umber for that lovely antique look.

Some gesso dry brushing to give the magazine pages a bit of a warn look.

Some distress ink in various places like the antique linen or the vintage photo to get a nice patina of wear from travel.

More lace that you tea/coffee dye.

Some 'fake' travel stickers or even just postal stamps to give it even more of a travel feel.

Ribbons tied around the handle (don't we all do this so we can find our suitcase in the airport?) I bet they did it back then too.

A brass, or tarnished brass looking tag with a fake name and address.

Some old maps maybe printed on transparency (or stamps or such).

Gee, that's all I got right now LOL

Dawn said...

This is such a cool piece. You could still put on the beeswax, melt it and then paint the lace with it. Maybe adding some grungeboard will give it depth and possibly lightly sanding some of the images to make them more worn would work.
There's my two penn'orths worth xxx

Moonwillow said...

I think I would add some bright retro pattern tissue papers or pretty paper napkins on the sides and maybe overlapping on to some of the print. Maybe a little bit of dry brushing, this I would have to decide after adding the tissue or paper napkins. Then I would add some buttons, charms, beads and fibers. You could still beeswax the whole thing to give it a golden look but that will depend on if this is going to be a functional piece or not. Good Luck and I can't wait to see it done.

i am very mary said...

I don't want any stuff - but I am agreeing that a few pops of bright color - maybe red? Orange? I find that I'm moving away from the grunge and into the color - must be summer:)

mary schweitzer said...

Well, how about that meshy fabric? It's not like tuule type mesh, much more substantial.
And since I do a lot of sewing shrines, please enter me for the hangers.
Thank you

Peggy Alborn said...

Very fun suitcase! You inspire me to finally get to work on the one I picked up months ago! I love the predrilled dominoes, so here is a suggestion......

To keep with the vintage theme, consider using Modern Masters metal effects paints. You can get paint with metal in it that will patina with a solution - rust would look cool, or bronze with blue or green patina.

Whatever you do - it will be awesome, I'm sure!

Peggy Alborn

Chris Flynn said...

Hey Sherry! It already looks fabulous dahling... As I blurred my eyes I imagined some fabuloso paper doll images arranged in jaunty angles, maybe their dresses slightly askew from the doll bodies....

You have some pink going on... how about bringing in more pink, some black and some turquoise for that 50's look.

we're kindred spirits... I LOVE stuff like this. Thanks for asking, plus, bottle caps would be my interest!

Thanks again for the fun,

Sherry Goodloe said...

oooohhh, so many good ideas! I KNEW this would be the way to go to help push me to keep going with this project! :-)

Vallen said...

Why, flowers of course!

dEaNa said...

Perhaps a string of pearls or a pair of artfully placed vintage gloves. Of course I would choose the pre-drilled domonoes.......should my name be!! Love what you have done so far with the suitcase. I have an old black suitcase that I have been wanting to do something with for years... this gives me some inspiration...but I am sure that procrastination will prbably win!!

Sherry Goodloe said...
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Sherry Goodloe said...

Vintage gloves dipped in melted beeswax and maybe holding a few vintage flowers and a mall strand of pearls oooooohhhhh - aaaahhhhhh - I like these ideas.

You ladies are GOOD! said...

I like the nuetral feel of the piece as it is, and wouldn't add color, but I would add sparkles! Maybe put some necklaces and jewels on those ladies in the photos?

JeanM said...

I am new at this but how about some old time movie flyers and tickets. An optical glass necklace,gloves a brooch and maybe a garter belt with some black and red. Use the vintage scrable letters you have for some dimension and add some crumpled tissue paper or napkins for testure. Oh and how about a hatpin? Small hat feather and possibly a small hatfront for that feather to stick out of.