Sunday, April 20th

Woke up this morning and had a bumpie thing in my RIGHT eye as well! Ok, it was definitely "go to the doctor" time. Called Urgent Care and got right in for an appointment.

What the nurse brought in for the doctor to use on me. What the heck IS all of this stuff anyway?!

I'm watching the door for the doctor to arrive and thinking about having to get on that dreaded table for the eye exam.

The doctor that saw me thinks I have something called Scleritis. I looked it up on the internet when I got home and the definition is really long.

One site said it is a chronic, painful, and potentially blinding inflammatory disease that is characterized by edema and cellular infiltration of the scleral and episcleral tissues. Scleritis is commonly associated with systemic autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, relapsing polychondritis, spondyloarthropathies, Wegener granulomatosis, polyarteritis nodosa, and giant cell arteritis. Scleritis may be the initial or only presenting clinical manifestation of these potentially lethal disorders. The correct and rapid diagnosis and the appropriate systemic therapy can halt the relentless progression of both ocular and systemic processes, thus preventing destruction of the globe and prolonging survival.

Ok, so I shouldn't have looked it up. But the good news is that I can still see. AND, I have an appointment with an opthamologist in the morning. In the meantime, I'm taking Motrin (600 mg) and putting artificial tears in my eyes once every hour today. Like I said yesterday . . . getting old is not for whimps!

Here are some photos of the book I started last night that Mary Ann sent me. Mary Ann likes vintage patterns, so that was my "inspiration".

Beginning stage of the front cover

These are the inside pages

This is the back cover


I AM VERY MARY said...

First of all, that eye thing is scary scary scary. The book is too too too cute, but I'm mostly worried about your eyes! Because one of these days you're gonna have to lay eyes on me for real, and I want you to get a good eyeful of my hair.

Vallen said...

You are doing a phenomenal job on that book - I have one too and you have given me some good ideas.
The eye thing? We would like a full report tomorrow please.