Roses are Red . . .

A few photos of the naked roses after I painted them with various shades of Twinkling H2O red watercolors, let them dry overnight and then shaped the petals.

Click on the photos to get a larger view and see the "twinkle" from the Twinkling H2O's. I love these watercolors!!


Sheryl said...

Your roses are beautiful! When and where are classes? I am so happy to finally meet you and I so enjoyed your visit at Whimzy! I know we talked about many things, but can I have the name of your organizing software again? Thanks!

Sherry G. said...

Hi Sheryl! I was happy to meet YOU as WELL :-)

Thank you = my roses. The workshops haven't been that successful :-( I get everything from "I don't want to lead you astray, but don't think our clientele will sign up for flowers. I've tried several different venues and failed" to "they love your roses, but don't know what they would do with them". I just haven't found the right place to have them yet. Any suggestions???

The software is Any Time. Go to