Blue Moon Ice Cream

What IS Blue Moon ice cream anyway? Well, I remember it to be like Froot Loops and a little bit like cotton candy with an almond extract taste to it. It's a love/hate thing. You either love it so much you will never forget about it or you don't like it at all.

I pretty much "grew up on it". Every summer as a child, I would go up to the family summer house in Idlewild, Michigan. We would drive into the closest town - Baldwin, to Jones Ice Cream Parlor at least once a week and I would always get Blue Moon ice cream. I hear that the parlor is still there and still serving the Blue Moon.

The turquoise colored confection is said to have a flavor that's been described as like the milk after a bowl of Froot Loops. I just remember that it turned my tongue and lips really blue and the ice cream was de-li-cious!

The folks at Chicago's Edgar A. Weber & Co., which now owns the formula, say the beguiling Blue Moon has a "cherry, citrusy, fruity-type flavor." Fans have tried to guess the ingredients and many have posted recipes on the web calling for such things as pineapple and curaƧao. Weber & Co. won't reveal the secret ingredient, but says that a colorless version is used in medicines and beverages to mask bitter flavors.

Regardless of what the recipe for Blue Moon is, one thing remains true - it's only available in the northern Midwest. This coupled with childhood nostalgia has made the bizarre flavor a hot item for online ice cream stores, which charges upwards of $10 a pint!

If you have ever had Blue Moon ice cream, please post your comments about your memories! If you haven't been, and you live or are visiting anywhere near Baldwin, Michigan, you have GOT to stop in and try it!

Jones Homemade Ice Cream Parlor
858 N Michigan Ave
Baldwin, MI 49304
(231) 745-3591

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Tammy said...

I grew up spending my summers in Baldwin, MI at my grandparents hunting camp, which later became their retirement home. My fondest memories are fishing with my grandfather and going to Jones Ice Cream Parlor for a double scoop cone of Blue Moon ice cream. I couldn't begin to describe what it taste like, other than DELICIOUS! I wish I could get it where I live now.