CREATE Mixed Media Retreat is coming to Irvine, CA again this year.  I will be taking Chris Cozen's workshop - Drawing on Paint on Friday, May 31st from 6pm-9pm as well as her full-day workshop - More is Hidden Than Revealed:  Deeply Layered Collage on Saturday, June 1st from 9am-4pm
I hope to see you at the retreat!  Oh, and there's an Artists' Faire Friday, May 31st as well.  Always fun!


jacki long said...

Good to have you blog again. I miss you!

Don Madden said...

Coming out of hiding - both of us? Susan has done a Cozen class, says she's very good.

Amanda Trought said...

How did the retreat go, I wish I were able to attend! Really like your site by the way!

Unknown said...

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Papercrafting Princess said...

Missing you!

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