Vintage Paper Necklace

This is probably a little much for some people to wear as a necklace, but I was told it's a "statement piece".  What do YOU think?  
I created this necklace using pages from a couple of vintage books and some vintage sheet music by using a circle punch to make the discs and my Crop-a-Dile to punch the center holes.
I added some shellac to give the necklace an even more vintage look as well as giving the paper discs some "body".

After I dried the discs in the sun, I strung them on one of Susan Lenart Kazmer's industrial CHIC necklace blanks.

Probably don't need a fancy outfit to wear THIS necklace with huh? *smiles*


Kaz Hall said...

Sherry your necklace is just brilliant!! Love it, we need a photo with you modelling it xx

Kaz x

Debbie said...

Hey Sherry...your necklace is awesome! Wear it proudly.

Sharon Sutton said...

Great look has a look of a tribal necklace worn by the Masai!

Createology said...

This is such an intriguing piece of jewelry art. You spent a lot of time and it has proven stunning results. Blissful Creating...

Nancy Lynn said...

Your necklace is wonderful. Love love love love.

Valerie Brincheck said...

Absolutely brilliant!!! You can wear it with jeans or a simple black dress and everyone will be asking what it is made out of. (I may just have to steal this idea.) LOL!!

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