I am sooo looking forward to the Create Mixed Media Retreat that begins next week.  I need a vacation from "the day job" and what better way to relax than to be around like-minded souls creating art?!

Excited to be taking Glamour and Grunge Etched Cuffs workshop with Kristen Robinson on Friday, June 1st.  I've been going through my hundreds of rubber stamps and trying to select a few of my favorites that I think will work nicely on the cuffs.  We will be filling bezels for our cuffs as well, so I've been trying to narrow down my favorite quotes and photos that I think I might like to use.  I guess I need to keep in mind that I can always create more cuffs once the workshop is over and just focus on learning all of the techniques and stop fretting over which stamps and quotes to take with me! :)

I waited too late to get into Laurie Mika's workshop "Home Sweet Home-Shrine" on Friday, May 30th.

But maybe I should sign up for Laurie Mika's Embedded Hearts class that night from 6-9.

Oooooh why did I wait to sign up for THIS workshop?! - Larger Than Life by Alisa Burke.  Now it's FULL :(  I didn't realize how much fun and how freeing this looks like it will be.

On Sunday, June 3rd I'm taking Pam Carriker's workshop Sketching Without Pencils.

Anyone reading this blog post going to be at the CREATE event as well?  What day(s)?  What workshops?  Are you going to the CREATE Mixed Media Mixer on Tuesday night, May 29th from 6:30-8:30? 

Sure hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry! I am going to CREATE...just not the one in CA. I'll be CREATEing in NJ in July. I can't wait to hear about your experiences, and have already begun collecting supplies for the classes I'll be taking.

Peggy Parker said...

Sherry, the Embedded hearts are lovely! You would have been the perfect student for Alisa Burke's class, but maybe you can peek in? :) Enjoy the experience!
I think of you every day (Pam's canvas is hanging in my bedroom now) and hope you are well.

Unknown said...

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