It's Wednesday, December 22nd - WOYWW 81

Time is a figure eight, 
at its center the city of déjà vu. 
Robert Brault
I spot 2 tonic scissors
Sheeeesh, this workspace doesn't look too much different (or better) than it did LAST Wednesday.  Feels like déjà vu.  And what's with all the "2's"???
2 distress crackle paints & 2 color washes
2 adage ticket books
2 ring blanks in this dish
2 sides of this box (it flips) full of "th" trinkets
I didn't get all of tim's 12 Tags of Christmas completed (or in some cases even started) this year.  But I'm not beating myself up over it.  
2 (on the left) of the 12 tags of christmas completed
And did I make Christmas cards and get them in the mail?  Nope, didn't do that either - not even 2 of them!  
I AM working on some New Year's cards though - 2 wips here . . .

And I DID purchase some cards to give out at the office Christmas celebration at Dave & Buster's later this morning and I even purchased my gift for the "steal a gift" game we always play.  It's in that brown paper package tied up with string on the table.  

I thought it was just too cool!  So much so, I bought one for myself (so that makes 2).  You can see "Fun in the Fridge" Snowman in action HERE.
Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal, Gun Tso Sun Tan'Gung Haw Sun, Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan, Glædelig Jul, Hyvaa joulua, Joyeux Noel, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Mele Kalikimaka, Nollaig Shona Dhuit, Buone Feste Natalizie, Shinnen omedeto, Sung Tan Chuk Ha, God Jul, Maligayang Pasko, Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom, God Jul, Sawadee Pee Mai, Chuc Mung Giang Sinh, Vesel Bozic - thank you Cardarian :), Nollaig Chridheil - thank you Marilyn!

And if I've missed saying it in your language, please know that however it is said, I wish you a double dose (that's 2!) of the merriest of Christmas  celebrations!  And of course you can let me know how you say it too :)

And if you'd like to see some other work spaces, hop over to Stamping Ground where Julia Dunnit hosts WOYWW every week.  So tell me . . . what's on YOUR workspace this week?  


Helen said...

Happy Christmas x 2!!!! Love your 2 x 2 workdesk today, are you expecting a flood, maybe??

Spyder said...

Ah! you're like me, have sooo much you need to do that in the end hardly any ofit gets done!! Loved the snowman vid...!!Merry Christmas!!
Happy WOYWW!

Neet said...

Two comments before mine - weird! You've really got the two's this week. Have a lovely Christmas anyway - and all the best for 2011

Nancy Lynn said...

Wishing you the best of Holiday Seasons. So thrilled with the outcome of your cancer battle.

Cardarian said...

Love all the goodies on your desk! And I have a merry Christmas for you in Slovene: VESEL BOZIC!!!
Wishing you a very merry and blessed Christmas in 2011 lots of health and happiness!
Love and hugs,

Jingle said...

Your space looks all artsy-fab! I love it! Your tags are gorgeous!

Joanne said...

I loved that little nosey, I say, I loved that little nosey. Bit of Lancashire lingo for you there. Happy christmas.
Hugs Joanne xx

Toucan Scraps said...

Hi Sherry, you've got some fabulous trinkets in that box

Merry Christmas to You

Minxy said...

Twice the items, double the fun :OP I too think i may need to send a few new year cards lol
Wishing you the bestest christmas ever Sherry x Thanks for being a super inspiration.. oh and by the way, i finally finished my vinyl record clock lol, will be blogging it after christmas x

Angie said...

What a great post this week the two tags and the cards ...your things are always inspiring.
Have a wonderful Christmas ...takle Care of your self xx

Twiglet said...

So much fab stuff to play with! Have a merry Christmas and a crafty and healthy New Year!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm sure not finished, either. Hope you get all those 2's sorted.

Here's to a safe, fun, healthy, and joyous Christmas to you, too.

Chrissie said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for the visit and Merry Christmas to you too!
If I have 2 of anything it's because I've lost the first one, bought a second and then the original has turned up... however, since replacing my anti-static bag, I still only have one... don't know where the other one went to, maybe it fell in the bin!
Have a wonderful holiday!

Gloria said...

Hi Sherry, I have two (2) things to say:
1. Merry Christmas
2. Happy New Year!

:D Enjoy your hoidays, take care.

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Wishing you twice the happiness of the season and twice the good health, joy and goodness of the New Year (2011 - oops more 2's!) Vicki #21

JoZart said...

Great arty post all lovely to see. Merry Christmas to you from England and I think you are getting rid of all the rain just now so the sun shines when Neet, Caz and I come to CHA in January! We deserve a bit of it after all this darned snow!
love JoZarty x

Anonymous said...

Ah, that snowman is just "2" cute!! Lol, sorry! Thanks for stopping by already and have a wonderful Christmas.

Brenda 45

Piddawinkle said...

Sherry, wishing you and yours a very merry christmas, and with all the doubles I can help you out if need be, haha

Piddawinkle said...

Sherry, wishing you and yours a very merry christmas, and with all the doubles I can help you out if need be, haha and thats two too <:)

Peggy Alborn said...

My workspace is a mess from my open house a couple of weeks ago - and I just got back from Wyoming, where Stephanie performed her first non-school concert in the church she attended Sunday school at! About a hundred friends and co-workers from 10 years ago showed up, making the experience very emotional and moving.
I feel as though I have had the best Christmas present possible. I wish you just as wonderful a holiday, dear Sherry!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

I have two of a lot of products especially the ones I love just so that I can look at one and use the other LOL. Love the look of your New Year pieces. Have a fabulous Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year. Tracy Evans x x

minnie_mac said...

Well, I say it's always good to have a spare one of everything just in case.

Nollaig Chridheil. (That's Scots Gaelic).


Lothian Crafts said...

Your tags look great and the gift you have bought is fab. Wishing you a merry christmas.

Marjo said...

Yummy creations, love the tags and all the Thanks for the peek and sharing.

Happy Holidays and creative crafting in the New Year.

Hugs, Marjo #5

Jana said...

Love your New Years cards in progress. I am right there with you on the table looking the same (or worse in my case) than last week. I have only done 4 of the 12 tags. Hope to get some done this week.
Jana D
WOYWW #61 - this week

Anonymous said...

Speaking of twos, how about a double dose of happy as my New Year's Wish for you!

Dragon said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments... Loving your desk and the tags... If you want to keep up making them come and join in my DragonsDream challenge in the new year!!!! Merry Christmas and happy new year

voodoo vixen said...

Love the snowman and your desk must be breeding to come up with all these doubles!! Hope you get your projects completed in time.... if not, well, it all happens again next year! LOL
Merry Christmas to You and Yours, Annette #35

ANewYear said...

Oh I have two of so much it's not even funny anymore. I either forget I already bought it (usually stamps) or I misplace something and just buy another. If I'd get organized I could spend that money on new stuff to add to the existing chaos. LOL

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

oneoff said...

There's nothing quite so fab as a piece of stash to use and it's twin to adore,admire and make plans for. Love your big box of TH stash, and the elegant birdwoman tag.

Bernie #59

Cardarian said...

Ha, ha that "I am #50 this week" really made me think it is your birthday - I will try to remember when the actual day is and send another greeting! But still a "happy birthday" is always nice and I think every day is a new "birth" day!
Lots of hugs,