Warrior Women Blog Hop Winner!

There were sooooo many fab-u-lous entries for the Warrior Women Blog Hop on Flickr that I had the hardest time making a decision about the winner.  But a decision was made and the winner IS . . .

Congratulations Electra - please contact Linda Ledbetter for instructions on how to claim your prize!

But WAIT there's MORE . . . every one of you that participated by submitting a piece of art can have the opportunity for a chance at winning any item in my Etsy Shop - including the shipping and handling, as a thank you.  This chance to win is open to ALL participants, INCLUDING the Pink Ribbon Warrior Women!

All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post and tell me what you would like to receive as your gift if you win.  That's it!

I will randomly select a winner from the entries on Tuesday evening at 6pm Pacific Standard Time.
Thank you Linda Ledbetter and all of the Pink Ribbon Warrior Women Blog Team members - Ellen Vargo, Hels Sheridan, Jennie, Judy Wood, Nancy Crissinger, Sharon Sutton and Tracy Jacobs for putting on this wonderful event in support of a cure for breast cancer and my personal healing journey.

And a big thank you to Eclectic Paperie for sponsoring such wonderful gifts for the give-away!

Still Fighting - One Day at a Time! - Sherry  X O 


Nancy said...

Congratulations, Elektra!

Sherry, you're giving away something from your Etsy shop? Wow! But to decide which I'd want, if I were to win? Oh, man ... I love all of your art creations! The rusted bird, the pillow, the abstract, the journey .... IF I win (oh, please, oh, please!), anything would be wonderful!

Thank you, Sherry, for giving us the opportunity to honor YOU & all of our sisters & brothers who battle cancer. Next year, we'll celebrate your anniversary of being cancer free!

ellen said...

Hi Sherry! I am SO happy that you don't have to have chemo OR radiation - miraculous! My friend Mary just had her 3rd chemo treatment and her tumor has gone to HALF it's size already - fingers crossed!!! You are so generous to give something away from your Etsy shop... I had a hard time choosing just one thing! But if I'm lucky enough to win something... I'd choose the "Abstract Serendipity" piece - it's gorgeous!!! And if I don't win it... I just might have to buy it! Thanks for all you do, and for sharing your art with all of us. Hope the fight is almost over - keep your spirits high - we're all in your corner!!!

Lotsa Love, Ellen xxx

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I am so pleased you will not be going through a regiment. I will continue to think of you. This is a wonderful cause...my Paternal Aunt died of breast cancer the second time she got it. Something we must watch closely in the girls of the family now. I hope you have a Happy Halloween!


Hels Sheridan said...

Hey you - THANK YOU for being such an amazingly wonderful inspiring friend... It has been an honour to be among those other talented girls... and to be able to travel on your healing journey with you... massive hugs hun... and congrats to Electra...
I will be drawing my winners on Tuesday as this is a special day for me :O))

Piddawinkle said...

oo Sherry, well chosen that is a lovely piece by Electra, is was great fund to take part in this blog hop, I really enjoyed it, and if I was lucky enough I would love to win your Little Black Man Journey, the colours and style just appeal to me, but as it is so expensive Im loving you green moss rose, one of my fave colours, so would be more than happy with that. happy halloween, <:) Its a smiley face with a witch hat, ROFL

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Its fantastic news that you do not have to endure Chemo or Radiotherapy. My thoughts are with you as you continue with your fight kicking C's ass. Very kind of you to offer a gift from your Etsy shop, and all the pieces are beautiful so any would be a treasured gift. Take care. Tracy Evans x

donna said...

Congratulations Electra! Thank you for sharing your story Sherry. If I won something from your shop I would choose the charm necklace kit #4. All of your pieces are amazing.Happy Halloween!

CuddlyBunny said...

Sherry, Thank you for letting us honor you, and so many of our craft-loving, cancer-fighting friends. You're an inspiration in so many ways that it's hard to remember you are a mere mortal. :)

Every piece you create is so wonderful that, should I win a gift from you, I'd be happy with whichever piece you choose.

Have a fantastic week!

Sam said...

Hi there, Sherry you are just wonderful to be giving away your precious art, I would love to be surprised with any one of your wonderful creations, I really don't mind which one, should I win of course, keep on keeping your chin up girl xxxx

Sharon Sutton said...

I am so happy the WWBH turned about fabulous!
Coffee Stained Fabric Lace and Recycled Jeans Pillow Featuring an African American Woman would be my choice to win. {grin}


Linda Ledbetter said...

My dear friend, there's apparently no end to your kindness and generosity! Every single day, I think of you and how strong, inspiring and powerful a presence you are in this world. Cancer never stood a chance against you, and I know you'll spend many happy, healthy decades as a role model for other women who face The Big C. Your grace and positivity are attributes I aspire to, every day.

Congratulations, Electra! Your art is ALWAYS amazing, and I'm so happy for you.

I love everything in your shop, Sherry! There's no way to choose a favorite, but I'd want something created by your talented hands. The collages or a pendant-- I'd treasure anything you made. In fact, I already do!

Love you, dear lady!

Peggy Alborn said...

Lady, you know I love what you create, and I would trust you to pick something just for me! Wish you could have celebrated with me this weekend!

Lori said...

Oh my, Sherry. Your generosity is never ending. Congrats to my friend, Electra! yay! As far as the opportunity to win something from your Etsy shop, thank you so much! Should I be lucky enough to be chosen, I would love having one of your charm necklace kits. I think they're just fantastic. Hope you are feeling wonderful!

SS Firedancer said...

Congratulations Electra!!
And thank you so much Sherry for your thoughtfulness in wanting to bless others with your awesome art. I love all your pieces and would be so blessed to have any one of your pieces but since my mother was a professional seamstress I would love to have the "Fashion Dressmaker Seamstress Mantua Maker" in honor of her, should I be your choice.
Her name was "Hope" and so true to her name. That is what I have for you and all the other women out there fighting the battle against cancer. I wish you many days strength and more great creations in the days to come. I am so glad that I found this group of awesome warrior women.
God Bless, Soroya aka Firedancer
PS As I am in the UK should I win I am happy to send you the postage for the piece.

SS Firedancer said...

OOPs Elektra sorry I put a 'c' instead of a 'k'

Jennie said...

Sherry It was a pleasure and an homour to be in your blog hop for fighting cancer! For you to give away more is the most generous thing! I would love to win a piece of your art, so anything would be fabulous :)))
Keeep fighting!
Hugs as always

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Electra and thanks to everyone who entered and shared their art with us.
And as for you, my friend, your spirit and generosity inspires me! I'd love anything you've created, but have to say that Abstract Serendipity really speaks to me.
Keep on fighting the fight.
Love ya,

Electra said...

Whoa, happy dancing all over the house! Thanks for the win! What a blessing it was to have taken part. And you know what? There is nothing I don't love in your shop.One day....
Thanks again!! (she goes off to dance some more.)