Kicking Cancer's Ass!

"WOW!" is an acronym we use on my "day job" to recognize employees for a good job done.  It stands for "Witnessing Outstanding Work".  And today, even though I am not at "the day job", but instead at home doing the whole healing and being patient about it all thing, I am definitely "Witnessing Outstanding Work" on the blog network this morning!
My friend Linda Ledbetter and her Pink Ribbon Warrior Women Blog Team (say that 7 times quickly - LOL) are hosting a Warrior Woman Blog Hop to celebrate the healing journey I have been on fighting breast cancer.  

Won't you please join me in thanking each and every one of these ladies on the team for taking time out of their busy schedules to put together such a grand event for breast cancer?  You can thank them (along with me) by visiting their blogs, creating some art, and helping spread the word about early detection and self-breast exams and mammograms!

The Pink Ribbon Warrior Women Blog Team Members are as follows:

Their fearless leader:  Linda Ledbetter from Studio L3
Ellen Vargo from Ten Thirty-Six Arts & Crafts blog
Hels Sheridan from Ink on My Fingers
Jennie from The Artistic Stamper
Judy Wood from  Brush with Angels
Nancy Crissinger from What's Next?
Sharon Sutton from My Craft Journey
Tracy Jacobs from Not a Moment to Spare

I don't want to re-hash the whole story in this post, so for those of you that are visiting my blog for the first time or maybe you just haven't been here for a visit in awhile, you can catch up by reading my blog posts starting with this one.  

In short, everything started on Sunday, August 1st when I found a lump in my right breast.  

It is now Tuesday, October 12th and both breasts have been removed - my decision solely, no lymph nodes were affected by cancer, I don't have to go through chemotherapy or radiation, I will start taking a pill on November 9th to block estrogen for the next 5 years, and today?  This is the day the Lord hath made - rejoice and be glad in it.  Yep, that's what I'm going to do today . . . rejoice and be glad in this day!

Thank you all for your continued love and support and e-mails and RAK's and prayers and . . . I'm just overwhelmed and out of words to express how I feel toward all of you.  And yes, I know, that's probably hard to believe . . . Sherry at a loss for WORDS?!  LOL

Oooooh, I almost forgot!  I asked Linda what my duties were as the Warrior Woman being honored, and she said I just needed to sit back and soak up all the love and on October 31st, choose a winner from the Warrior Women Blog Hop Flickr group.  So that means that you all need to get to creating those works of art and submit them to the Gallery no later than October 30th.  

Now get to blog hopping already!!


Terry said...

I knew you would kick the Chit out of this! The world needs more beautiful art! BTW, I read some very promising news about mushrooms and fighting cancer, especially breast cancer. So if you like or love mushrooms, eat up baby! Have a wonderful day!

SS Firedancer said...

Dearest Sherry I just wanted to pop by and send you my love and prayers. I have 2 friends who have survived breast cancer and one dear friend lost to it about 15 years ago I am so thankful that there is so much more than chemo than there was then. I also have a sister that has had lung cancer last year and had a 1/3 of her lung removed so although that is not breast cancer it is still a beast to be whipped.
I am starting on my piece today
Blessings to you again, SS Firedancer

deb famularo said...

Hello Dear Sherry,
You have been on my mind and in my prayers, and it is so good to see you posting. Keep that beautiful spirit of yours strong. You will definitely conquor this. Keep kicking that ass girl.
Lots and LOTS of love your way!!!!!! .... xOxO

Ohhh Snap said...

WOW indeed! And what great news that you don't need chemo or radiation. I followed the breadcrumbs left by Jennie who I found through WOYWW. I'm sending you good thoughts and thank you for sharing your story.

Sue said...

Sherry, I'm so happy for you with your excellent prognosis. Living through the waiting with my daughter and her recent diagnosis of melanoma, I KNOW how excrutiating the waiting is. WOW to you! And yes, thank you to all those lovely
warrior women.

Keep fighting sweetie, you are doing great.



Linda Ledbetter said...

"WOW" also stands for "Woman of Wonder," and that's most definitely YOU! I love reading the joy in your voice, and it's a joy we all feel, knowing you've beat this thing and are recovering so beautifully. Keep soaking up that love, sweet lady-- it's boundless! ♥-L3

Faye said...

Dear Sherry, I haven't been here in a while and I didn't know of your illness. I wish you a total healing. You have a terrific post here that will certainly keep us all focused on working for a cure. I'm happy you are on the road to recovery and with such a positive and grateful attitude.

peggy gatto said...

You will be another of my surviving friends!
Daily prayers of course will speed you on your way being cancer free.
Take care and sending you a big pink hug!

Anonymous said...

Well, you are a wonder, my dear!
I've been working feverishly on my WOW piece and it is almost ready to be unveiled. :)
BTW, glad you like the cruise logo cuz something with it is coming your way. :))

Nancy said...

I so love every positive syllable that comes from you & spreads through the world! You are our hero, dear woman - you keep kickin' ass & we'll keep lovin' you! Being part of the Team, particularly that it honors YOU, is a privilege I will never forget & will always be grateful for.

Kelly said...

powerful messages!

cigarboxbeads said...

much love and respect to you, Sherry!
I've been thinking about you, even though I don't always keep in touch- you ARE Wonder Woman~ ;>)

marilyn g

Jennie said...

It is a pleasure and an honour to kick ass with you! Hope you are getting stronger by the day.. go get them girl!
Hugs xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Hey hunny... like Jennie said, it really is an honour to be kicking ass and hopping to raise awareness with you... biggest HUGEST hugs for you xxx

JenW!~ said...

glad to hear you are kicking this cancer in the rear. My great grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. She found it when she was in her 60's and she lived to be 96.

Piddawinkle said...

shall try and do the bloghop next week as have some time off, today I am busy WOYWW'ing speak soon :) 137

Lori Saul said...

Beautiful art and words of strength and wisdom. Your courage is inspirational!

QueenPam said...

Glory to God!

Electra said...

You're the leader of all the Warrior Women and an inspiration!
I hope you soak all this love up over and over and over again!