Pam (in the middle) sent me some photos of our lunch together Saturday over at the hotel across from the convention.  Thank you Pam!  Here we are . . .
And here are some of the items I picked up at the convention . . .
And I love this vintage "shop" journal I picked up over at Blackbird Studios
And this has nothing to do with the RSC, but I just wanted to show you my latest Paradise Found rose that just bloomed.  I don't have a yard, so I'm growing these roses in a large pot out on my deck.  It is so beautiful and smells DIVINE!  
I cut it this evening and it is now in my bedroom so I can wake up and smell the roses.  Oh wait . . . that saying is "wake up and smell the coffee"!  Ok, so I will "take time to smell the roses" before I get up in the morning to go to "the day job" - *smiles*
Nite nite my blogger buddies :)  See you again soon x's & o's


Lori said...

Fab pics of everyone, and lookee there at all that stash! You're gonna love the enamel accents, trust me. I see a lot of charms in their Your rose looks divine, I can smell it from here!

Nancy Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing all the items you acquired on Saturday. I especially LOVE the Shop Journal. Wish I could find one like that. You all look like you had a great time having lunch.

Linda Ledbetter said...

Ooh, Sherry, what an awesome haul! I see lots of cool, new Tim stuff, and one of those sweet Loralie stamps... If I were you, I wouldn't leave the studio for a week, I'd be so busy enjoying the bounty!

Jacqueline F. Graham said...

Sherry....I always have too much fun reading your blog!!! I feel as if I were there! *big smile* Thank you for being so generous in sharing with us, and honey.....your rose is beautiful!!!!!

Sending ((((((hugs and kisses)))))


Angie said...

What a great day you all had & such goodies, AND a massage. Thanks for the tour.

paperqueen said...

Great purchases, Sherry...everything I would have gotten for myself, LOL.
Oh, I love that picture! I felt like waving, "hi Sherry, hi Gloria, hi Pam, hi Christine, hi Nancy...." Just brought back so many cool memories of hangin' together in the studio on the Mexico cruise.

Nancy said...

Love your great haul of artsy goodies! Your rose is gorgeous!
I had a wonderful time meeting you today, I'm looking forward to many fabulous classes with you at the new and improved Stamp Fever.
blessings to you,