No Guessing Required

I'm sure anyone that has visited this blog at least a few times must know where I'm headed this morning.

I will be sure to take plenty of photos for those of you that are not able to attend.

However, if you ARE able to attend, you know where to find me *smiles*

And since I'm sure to be totally pooped when I return, I will post on Sunday.


Hels Sheridan said...

Erm...where are you going hun??? And who are you seeing??? Can't quite recognise those hands and ever so special tshirt ROFL
Have the BEST day hunny... am not at all the lovely colour of Crushed Olive, nope, not me LOL xx

Nancy said...

You lucky soul, you! Have a wonderful time!!
Like Hels, I'm not bundled sage with envy ... nah ... lol

Linda Ledbetter said...

Have an incredibly wonderful time, Sherry!!! I'm totally there in spirit. :-)

Sue said... I live vicariously through pictures. LOL

Hope you are having an amazing time!


Anonymous said... where could you be???
I'm not as jealous as usual, because Pam scored me an autographed set of Collection 100!!! No, not like being there, but pretty darn good.