Flowers at Work and a Mail Call

I walked outside late this afternoon at "the day job" and when I was returning to the building I noticed that the flowers were in full bloom at the visitor's entrance.  Gorgeous . . . just gorgeous!
I'll have to walk around to the other side tomorrow and see what else is blooming.
Lorri Lennox from Artivity and I are exchanging artist trading cards with each other.  Above are the cards she sent me - all the way from Australia.  Check out the one at the top of the group that Lorri titled Moon God.  It was created on plastic!  This is the first card I've received on that substrate.  I love it Lorri . . . along with the other two gorgeous cards *smiles*
Lorri also included some other "goodies" in the envelope with the atc's.  paper, trim, Moo cards with her artwork.  Thanks so much Lorri.  I hope my little package is inching it's way to you from California!

No rain here yet.  It will probably come on Friday when I have to drive to Santa Clarita for "the day job".  Fun times!


Lorri said...

ooh Sherry, Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, also thank you for blogging about our swap :)
They look so nice all together like that!
So happy they have arrived safely and that you like them.
The 'plastic' one is a technique I developed called "laminate sandwich".. teehee. Maybe I should market it??
Take care and have a great day.

Angie said...

What beautiful flowers ...seeing those just makes one feel good.

ATC's are some thing I've not tried does give an insight into others work .... might think about it ... once I've mastered tags and Zentangles lol Take Care

Anonymous said...

When I first read the title of the blog post, I thought maybe someone sent you flowers at work. Well, I guess someone did...
Isn't it cool to exchange art with people from all over the world? I have art from a couple of Aussie buddies too.
Have a great rain-free weekend!

Cardarian said...

Ohhh the flowers are gorgeous! and your new stuff is really nice...

Elaine A said...

Hi Sherry -

Love those flowers, they are even in my favorite shade! Love the goodies you received from your swap. The ATC's are just wonderful and I love the black & white photo of Louis Brooks. Enjoy your new things.

Elaine Allen

Lori said...

Cool ATC's. Love the plastic one. The flowers are GORGEOUS! Isn't it great to get stuff in the mail from so far away? I love it!

Linda Mitcheltree said...

Thanks for the great photos of the flowers, so beautiful.
I tell you I don't know how you do it all! SO creative and a full time job too.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I want something to bloom HERE!!! It's so rainy and grey and muddy and yucky here. The ugliest Spring I can remember!

I'll have to settle for your gorgeous photos!

Angie said...

Just popped back to tell you that i found the pen details in a second comment on the previous post ...thanks so much ..sorry about the crossed lines xx