MORE Tim Holtz?!

Ok, so I was taking a break from the 12 Tags of Christmas.  I was thinking maybe I should do a little housework (what was I thinking?!).  My laundry room (slash) art studio is a little room connected to my patio, and when I go out there to put a load in the washer, if it's nice out - which it usually is since I live in Southern California, I grab the closest magazine and kick back out there for a bit.

You may (or may not) recall that last year I was contemplating moving - I didn't.  But I DID start the "weeding out" process of all my books and magazines.  You know, the ones you think you can do without?  Yeah right!   Ok, so you're probably wondering where I'm going with all of this.

I still had a box of books/magazines packed up, so I opened up the box and pulled out the first magazine that was on top and headed back out to the patio to enjoy the beautiful SO CAL weather we are having this afternoon.

Here I was, taking a break from Tim's tags and look at what I saw when I was flipping through said magazine . . .

Yep, an interview with Tim Holtz in the May/June 2007 Somerset Studio magazine.  Isn't that bizarre?!

And although I know Tim's story and how he got to where he is today, I read it again anyway.

And in case you can't put your hands on YOUR 2007 issue, I've included a few photos of projects Tim did that were included in the article.

I mean REALLY, out of all the magazines/books, THIS is the one that was on top.

PS On another note . . . I had been allowing "Anonymous Users" to leave comments on my blog posts, but in the past couple of days I've been getting some really weird looking, unreadable comments on some really old posts. Thought I'd better block "Anonymous Users" in the event this is some new scam or something. So I apologize to any of you GOOD Anonymous folks that visit here and will no longer be able to leave your comments *insert sad face here*. . . nothing personal as far as YOU are concerned.  I hate when this sort of thing has to happen *sigh*
PSS And if you haven't been to my blog already today, I HAVE completed a few of the tags now.  Check out prior blog posts below.


Pretty Things said...

First -- he is wwaaaaaay easy on the eyes!

Second -- holey moley. If I could aspire to the talent he holds in the tiniest bit of his littlest fingernail, I could say I'd succeeded.

Pretty Things said...

PS -- can you post on my blog and tell me what edition/year/magazine that is, so I can try to hunt it down????

paperqueen said...

Now I'm going to go through MY magazine stash and see if I have that issue. LOL!
Hope you continue to enjoy your staycation.
Ah, sitting on a patio, reading a magazine. A little different than what's going on here....sitting in my studio, staring at a snowplow eight stories below.
Take care!

Genevieve said...

Sweet! Remind me to tell you about the time I found his pic in a mag and sent it to Renee.

Bummer about the spammers. They ruin it for the rest of us.

Thanks for the blog post/info!

TiffanyJane said...

Tim makes the coolest stuff! Those are some great pics!

I have been getting those weird post too, every other day on my older post....grrrrr....just smut spam, makes me so mad :)
Happy Holidays!!!