Mail Break

I thought it was about time I took a shower, washed my hair, put some deodorant on, and put something on other than a fresh pair of flannel pj's. 

This isn't me, but these ARE my Nick and Nora flannel pj's!

I hadn't checked the mail since last Thursday.  I know, I'm really taking this staycation a little too far, huh?

And NO, this isn't my mailbox, but YES my mailbox was about this full!

Along with the bills and the junk mail, I received two packages.  

The first package was from my (very talented artist) friend, Jacki Long.  

I opened the collaged card she had made, but will wait until Christmas Eve to open the two packages that were enclosed.  Although I sure would LOVE to *smiles*.

Thank you my friend!

The next package was from Pam Austin.  Huuummmm, had I won something on her blog and didn't remember?  Oh wait, Pam doesn't HAVE a blog.  What would she be sending me?  I opened the top tissue-wrapped item first . . .

Oh MY! - This was such a surprise and the nicest RAK - Random Act of Kindness.  Click on the tag to read what Pam wrote.

Then I opened the other one - it's a wall calendar by Anne Taintor. . .

This calendar reminded Pam of the atc's I made for the Tim Holtz cruise this past October.  Was this a thoughtful RAK or WHAT?!  

Here's the backside showing all of the months for 2010 . . .

I will Sooooo enjoy each and every one of them Pam - Thank you for your random act of kindness!
UPDATE: . . .
Pam is someone that sat next to me at Wendy Vecchi's make-n-take at the July RSC in Carson.  She heard me talking about the upcoming (at the time) art cruise to Mexico, and said because of all my ranting and raving she signed up!  Yep, so that's how Pam and I met.  After the cruise, we saw each other at the November RSC (that I blogged about already).  That's Pam below on the left.  Hi Pam! *smiles*

And guess what else?  One of Pam's best friends lives less than a mile from me and that's where she was when she read this post after work yesterday.  It's things like that in life that just make me smile!


Ange said...

These look great Sherry - but what's a RAK. Please enlighten the poor Aussie lost in Frogland for I no longer have access to English and need to catch up again! Bisous for Noƫel!

Linda Woods said...

gorgeous art!
Thanks for visiting our blog and sharing your lunch with us!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

your post made me get a good giggle...I can especially relate to having "jammie days"....thank you for the sweet comments on my blog! :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 is a wonderful art year! :)

Anonymous said...

Two things...OK, maybe 3 or 4. One, who knew Pam was a poet?
Two, I knew your ATCs reminded me of something, but couldn't think of Anne Taintor's name. You already know from my blog that yours was my favorite.
Three (see I was right), the current issue of PaperCrafts has a section on Anne Taintor inspired cards. I'm in a monthly Papercrafts group and for my make n take plan on doing some of those.

Lori said...

That Pam, she's an arty one, eh? And a poet! Who knew? That's way cool. Anne Taintor, we have a couple of those lying around the office for when we need a good laugh. They're hilarious with a capital "H".

jenny said...

Hey thats cool post and I like it a lot. As you have presented it very well in the cute morning of the Christmas a purple colored star... Amazing!!


Anonymous said...

Hah, I was just scrolling through your postings and saw the Nick and Nora pjs and had to comment - my sister-in-law is the creator of them, too funny!