CHA Consumer Show - January 2010 Anaheim Convention Center

I used to teach a lot at a store in Orange and the store manager included me on the store's CHA membership.  That used to be the only way someone could get in.  You either had to be a store owner, teach at a store and be invited, or know someone that could "get you in".

The first time I went, the manager only wanted to go on the first day, but she told me I could go the next 2 days if I didn't mind going by myself.  Ooooooh, I was in HEAVEN!  And although I was on my feet from the time they opened to the time they closed, and my back was killing me at the end of each day, I pushed through the pain and did it again the next day!

Check THIS out! Now CHA is having a Consumer Show in conjunction with the Winter Trade Show.  Friday, January 22nd from 12pm to 8pm and Saturday, January 23rd from 10am to 6pm we can ALL get in!

Step 1: Go online HERE then click on Tickets under the Show Info tab
Step 2:  Enter the discount code and continue with the registration process.  The discount code is CRAFT12
Step 3:  You will receive your e-voucher via e-mail.  Print a copy and take it with you to the show.

** On another note, please see my update on Copic Markers versus Tim using Re-fillable Alcohol Ink pens.**


Peggy Alborn said...

Go! I went to the consumer show in Orlando this summer - incredible! I took pictures of amazing ideas and creations, watched demonstrations to my heart's content, drooled a lot, and shopped more than I should have.
When I became overwhelmed, there was a nice little sitting area near the food and drink vendors to rest and have refreshment. Be prepared to spend some time!

Nancy said...

Oh, I wish I could go! Why don't they have something like this here in Cowtown??? Oh well ... I hope all who can attend have a great time!

Genevieve said...

This is what I heard from a very reliable source. the Consumer show isn't the new stuff that will be shown at the CHA Show. Stores like Michael's and JoAnns are there. There are tons and tons of make-n-takes. Lots to see and do and well worth the cost of admission.

Renee Troy said...

Thank you so much for the heads up...I've wanted to go for such a long time.

Janine said...

I've wondered why they didn't have a Consumer event to begin with. It almost seemed silly to exclude them! That would be like having a auto show and the only people who could get in were the owners and the It just seems odd that the consumers were excluded---or you needed to know the right person in order to get in.