My Latest Collage and Friday Fill-Ins

My latest collage (finished?) Thursday, August 20th.
Created using papers and a pencil and Sharpie marker drawing on painted canvas

1. I remember, I remember where I put that box of tim holtz stuff!

2. Dear Lezlei I want you to know I appreciate you!

3. Is that my posterior end in those jeans!!???

4. I'm trying to resist the temptation of buying any new magazines or books.

5. I'm saving a cyber hug and kiss just for you!

6. If I made a birthday list a new wardrobe would definitely be on it!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting some needed rest, tomorrow my plans include playing at Linda Bucci's house and Sunday, I want to recouperate from all the fun I know I'm going to have on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Fun list, I almost used a similar fill-in for # 3;) Love the collage, I started a...shoot, what do they call it when you do collage in an old book?? Anyway, I'll probably go back to it when the weather gets cold, gotta enjoy the summer around here while we have it!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Great collage! You have a good eye for layout. Keep them coming!


Anonymous said...

Please send me some of your creativity...

Susan M said...

I like your drawing style.

That Girl Ang said...

Your collages are amazing girl! You make me want to try them.


cigarboxbeads said...

hi sherry---

i'm marking your blog, so i can come back and enjoy it---

it was so nice to meet you today---did you get your bracelet finished?

marilyn goodman

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry, Thanks for the comments. Love your new collage. Totally different look! I've been eyeballing a cigar box on your etsy store. Going to purchase today. Have a gret one!

You have the best blog music!!

michelle said...

There were so many of us On Friday Fill Ins that said we would want a new wardrobe! I guess it's time to....GO SHOPPING! LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Vicki Holdwick said...

What a great addition to the "traditional" collage. I'm lovin' the "big headed girl.


nanke's stuff said...

Your collage is really nice. Well-balanced, lots going on to notice and see, but not busy, and of course, there is the wonderful focal point! Well done! nancy

The Philip Hone Gallery said...

Great work! Kudos!