Why Can't I Do It ALL?!

This Saturday is The 2nd Annual Paris Flea Market

Then there's the California Gift Show. Yep, that's this weekend as well. I was going to go with my "show girl" buddy, Linda Bucci, but decided that I really couldn't afford to. I'm going on that art cruise in October remember?

Now through August is The Art-A-Fair Festival. This is a community of artists which gathers every summer in Laguna Beach for what has become Southern California's fastest growing art festival. Hundreds of artists compete to be a part of this internationally juried competition each February, which this year, features 124 fine artists and master craftspeople.

And going on right now through August 30th is The Sawdust Festival which will feature the fine art and craft of over 200 Laguna Beach artists and promises to be the highlight of your summer adventures.

Art enthusiasts, collectors, and novice artists have come to the Sawdust since 1966 for a mix of fine art and craft. Media includes hand-blown and fused glass, painting, jewelry, surf art, ceramics, clothing and textiles, wood and metal sculpture, scrimshaw, photography, and so much more.

Then there's Pageant of the Masters July 5th through August 31st. Since the early 1930's, these colorful events have won worldwide recognition!

The Festival is a juried exhibit of fine, strictly original works by 160 gifted artists, while the Pageant is a spectacular stage production of living art re-creations.

This Sunday, DW3 and Elements will be performing at Spaghettini's Sunday Brunch in Seal Beach.

And, through August 9th, the O.C. Fair is going on.

So where will I be, you ask? Well, my manchild - Taylor is in Texas with my sil/bff Lezlei (and Grandmother and Mother Dear's) until next Thursday, so I'll be at Linda and Bob's creating this Saturday! Huuummm, I wonder if Bob will be bbq'ing for us? *smiles*

So tell me again . . . "Why Can't I Do It All?!" *sigh*


TUTU Monkey said...

ooooo how fun!!

Carolee said...

Oh, I remember the Sawdust Festival so well!! We used to live in HB, so it was a quick drive down PCH, and always one one of the highlights of my summer!!

Art-A-Fair sounds wonderful too, as does Spaghettinis. I think that's new since we were there. Walt's Wharf was our fave in Seal Beach at the time....

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and I hope you get to as many of these events as possible!

~ Carolee

Shelley said...

You are so lucky to have so many wonderful shows to attend....do tell all about it when you're done.

Have a Charming Day

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

oh my goodness, you lost me after "art cruise!" drooling!
have a great weekend...xoxo

Judy said...

Wish we had something going on in AZ -- but it is so d**n HOT here that no one schedules any good stuff this time of year. And I can't afford to do a road trip to visit anywhere else. Drat!

Looking forward to Art Unraveled here in Phoenix next month -- still pretty d**n HOT then, too! Thank goodness for AC and only brief treks from car to buildings!

Have loads of fun on your adventures and be sure to take lots of pics to share with us!

Anonymous said...

Sherry, So much to do, I can see why you want to do it all. Everything looks so exciting. Now tell me why we don't have those type of events in Boston. We always seem to be last on trends and events like that. Can't wait to see your pics when you go! Have a great weekend. Julie

Sam Marshall said...

So much happening!!! Love your beautiful work below.