Bind-it-All versus Binderie

I own the Zutter Bind It All shown below. I've probably used it 2-3 times since I ran out and bought it when it was first released. I'm thinking I haven't used it more, because it wasn't as easy to use as I had thought it would be.

I remember that I would have to keep moving and lining my papers up to punch more holes, and they never seemed to line up perfectly.

Now I see that 7 Gypsies has come out with a binding machine called 7gypsies Binderie . . .
Does anyone reading this blog post have one or both of these binding machines?
Can you give a review?
Should I sell my Zutter and get a Binderie?
Should I give my Zutter another chance?


Robin said...

Give your Bind-It-All one more chance:) I love LOVE love my BIA. I don't have a binderie punch.

Stampmaiden said...

Well, now that Robin said to give the BIA a chance, maybe I'll take mine out of the trunk where it's been since I bought it almost two years ago! Please tell me I'm NOT the only one who does things like this. Please.

jackieb said...

I think the bind it all is pretty good it's just that we just tend not to go to the trouble to drag it and use it. They came out with a new one that can punch holes in a long piece at the same time.

Glad you asked the question because I have seen the 7 gypsies one and wondered "if I need it" ha

I will check back in and hopefully someone out there can shed some light on how easy or hard it is to use.

have a great day!

tracy said...

I'm curious, what did you decide?