On the Hunt

As if I didn't spend ENOUGH money at the rubberstamp convention last Saturday, I am NOW "on the hunt" for the Claudine Hellmuth acrylic Studio paints.

I had thought I would be able to get these at the rubberstamp show, but nope - no luck.

I went on Stampington's website to pick out the colors I wanted so I could place an order and pick them up tomorrow on my way to work (Stampington is just right down the street from me and around the corner) But no luck there either - all of the paints are on back order.

And yes, I've already tried Michael's. I had read that "select" Michael's would be carrying Claudine's products (as well as T!m's). Well, MY Michael's doesn't even know who Claudine Hellmuth and Tim Holtz IS! *sigh*

So, I'm putting this out there to all of you - especially if you are here in Southern California (hopefully in Orange County). Have any of you found these paints locally? I would like to avoid paying the really high costs of shipping if at all possible. Heck, I could buy an additional COLOR if I don't have to have the paints shipped to me *smiles*.

Hoping you are all having an art-filled week!


Robin said...

Hi Sherry! I'm not local but A.C. Moore online appears to have the paints and the sticky back canvas and their shipping charges are only $4.99 for orders up to $299. I have ordered from them in the past and have always been pleased with the speed of delivery. Here is the link:

Good Luck - Robin

Judy said...

I found some here in Mesa, AZ, but that doesn't help you.

I have tried them while doing Kelly Kilmer's Prompt a Day this month. I like them! Creamy, good color selection, good coverage. I recommend them.

Anonymous said...

Now that I know that you are thisclose to Stampington...I NEED SO MANY THINGS!!!!!!
PS I want those paints, too!

sue said...

Scrapbook Oasis in Irvine has Claudine's products. I think a few of the colors may have sold out.

Lezlei Ann Young said...

Hey...headed for boston. A little handicapped...had to get a new phone...my old phone and I were together for 6 years!

Michelle said...

hope you find your oaints! I DID see some new and tantalizing tim holz products at michaels recently....