Evie Mae Flowers the Tiny Dancer

Not sure I'll be able to sign up for this workshop (still packing for the move), but in case YOU can, check this out . . .

Evie Mae Flowers the Tiny Dancer. Her skirt is made from a beautiful rose. Techniques for the wire armature body, cloth over paper clay face, an easy technique for tiny fingers, costuming with a pre-made silk flower, whimsical costuming and embellishing will be covered in this workshop.

This is a very sweet little doll, and promises to be a really fun one to make!

1 Session for $65.00, plus a $17.00 kit fee paid to Cindy Mahlstadt. This is a class for all levels and is being held on Saturday, April 18th from 9:30am to 4:30pm at Piecemakers in Costa Mesa, CA.

I have no affiliation to this store or to Cindy Mahlstadt personally, but her dolls sure look fun don't you think?!


Lezlei Ann Young said...

she is beautiful. I think I will learn the cloth over technique in Cyndi's Gwendolyn class I am currently taking on www.joggles.com.


Gillian said...

Looks an amazing class Sherry, she is so elegant:)

P.S I have something for you over at mine:)

javajune said...

Sweet doll. This looks like a great workshop.