Play a Song For Me

Angela, one of my blogger buddies, left me a comment after seeing the vintage player piano music rolls my friend Mary Ann sent me. Angela told me to check out Junk Market Style's blog.

They just happen to be having a challenge using these vintage rolls. I won't be able to join in on the challenge, but I have book marked their blog so I can see all of the projects people come up with to repurpose their rolls.

Some of the projects have already been submitted. Someone repurposed the box their roll came in, by sealing the box with modpodge and then adding crystal door knobs for feet!

Ok, I can soooo see me with my Diamond Glaze or DG3 sealing my 5 boxes.

And FEET? Oh yeah, how cool would THAT be!

These rolls are no longer being produced. Wanna see how they were made? Pause my music playlist to the right and then watch this video . . .


i am very mary said...

Did you happen to see the piano roll "collage"/ "story" thing that Sandra Evertson did? I think it was in Somerset Studio. It was this whole amazing paper pieced story - too much work for me, but beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You can rock anything! I was just about to sleep on my renewal of Somerset until ^somebody^ mentioned it above. Also as much as I love a shoutout, I must admit, I am not the source of that lovely link...( disclaimer: If it was after 10:30pm it may have been that glass of red talking, lol!

i am very mary said...

Shut Up Gina. You love Somerset Studio and you love me;) HA!

That Girl Ang said...

You are cute.. Thanks for the heads up!

BTW - happy birthday lady!!!