Friday Afternoon - One Long A - - Post!

I had to drive to Escondido on Thursday (a 70-mile drive from my home) to teach a class of teens. No, not an art class, but a driver education class for "the day job". These classes aren't really in the day time - they are taught from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

I started out in the afternoon to head to Escondido, so I could get to the office/classroom early enough to set up and then go out and grab a bite to eat before class.

Just wanted to show you the view from the office/classroom in Escondido. Pretty nice to look out at after a 70-mile drive huh?

Class was good. I was well-accepted as "the substitute teacher" for the evening. A couple of the teens told me they hoped I was coming back. Awwwwww, wasn't that nice?

On the long drive back home, the border patrol was open. Urrrrrgh, this added an extra 10 minutes to the trip . . .

I've never been stopped at this one, but I was stopped once coming back across the border from Mexico. Uuuuuuuuuh, flashbacks . . . that was not fun at all.

When I finally arrived home, I checked the mail. Another package! Yippee. Did I tell you I was having the BESTEST Birthday Month EVER?!

What's inside?????

Nice! A spiral bound journal of papers that Jacki Long made me :)

Lovin' this journal Jacki! Thank you so much :)

However, I hope you won't be offended, but I have "a thing" about mice!
Eeeeeeeeee - THIS page is going to have to come out *hee hee*
And what can I say about OWOH this year?! I think I am one lucky lady to have won NINE - yes, NINE One World One Heart give-away prizes this year!! WOW

Look at all of the goodies I won . .

I also won a book - "Keeping House". This is the first book in a series of seven mysteries, each featuring a famous house, villa, or castle. This book is A Madame President Mystery, and takes place inside the White House. Keeping House will be published Spring 2009 by Blue Water Press and was written by Denise Tucker.

Post Script: If you read my post on Thursday, you'll be happy to know that Mary Ann and I have now heard each other's voices. We talked for HOURS when I got home from work late last night. And Mary Ann is 3 hours AHEAD of my time here in California. We were on the phone until almost 3am - Yikes!

Post Script Script: Back from getting blood tests and heading out for a Birthday Lunch with a friend now. Ooooh, the partying just never stops! LOL


My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...

The view is fan-'tabulous'...
The gift is special {even with your mouse thing}...
Congrats! on the nine wins...some people are just blessed!
And keep the party going for your B-Day :-D

Genevieve said...

You are seriously having the bestest birthday EVER!

That Girl Ang said...

Look enjoy it lady.. you deserve it! You are very giving and should receive it back while you can enjoy it!


PS-Have fun.. don't hurt nobody! (Double negative on purpose) LOL ;)

Sharon said...

What NINE. You are one lucky lady. I bet the kids liked you. I am happy you are still celebrating your birthday. It's all in your sunny outlook. Sharon
PS. I think those little mice are so cute. Leave them there. Come on now you can do it. LOL

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, you are a lucky gal :-) You won really great stuff! Enjoy it!
Happy Valentines Day!
Thank you so much for your gorgeous e-card, Sherry! You are a sweetie!!!

Sending hugs

Sam Marshall said...

Wow- love that beautiful journal! Your goodies are fabulous!!!So

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry! you sure did win some wonderful things! Happy Birthday!

kecia said...

i couldn't leave a comment for the post before, so i'm leaving it here - your dolls are so cute! they look great. have you worked on them any more? i made an African American doll too, one I found at the flea market under a table. i felt bad that she was just lying there! she's ok - she's one of those "Bratz" types and i think after you paint their faces, they look weird (let's just say they don't have those huge plumpy cheeks that are so cute on the older dolls......)