Saturday's LIFE LESSON

I started a new piece on wood today and have titled it "Life Lesson".

Here's the sketch of my girl for the piece

A few papers to choose from for collaging the girl

After collaging a few pieces, I had to re-sketch the drawing on the collaged papers. Then I watered down acrylics and started painting the background

Then I used this technique I saw in the book. You know, the Taking Flight book I'm all into right now! Well, I can tell you now, this was not the technique for me to use for this piece. It's not working for me, and I'm thinking I may have to get my electric sander out and sand it off!

However, I DID like how the molding paste worked with my LIFE LESSON cardboard template! Here's the template after I washed off the molding paste before it was permanently attached!

And this is how it looks now that the molding paste has dried and has been washed around the edges with some color. I like it!

Ohhhh, but I'm REALLY NOT liking that molding paste on the bottom right side! :( What the heck was I thinking?!

If this was paper, I wouldn't be fretting, but it's MOLDING PASTE! I can't just tear it off or paint over it. urrrrrrrrrrgh, Where's my electric sander?

Post Script: And yes, I know she only has one wing. I've got something in mind to collage in the wing. That is, once I figure out what to do with that molding paste *hee hee*


Cottage Way of Life said...

My first thought about the molding paste bit on the right corner was that it has a nice textural, almost a fabric-like look to it. Could you possibly use some more molding paste to apply the look of a lace edge to the edge that's presently there. That way, it would really read as a piece of fabric and would also relate to the dots on the wing (which give the wing a lacy quality) and make the molding paste section relate to the piece as a whole.

As for the wing, when I first looked at it, I was thinking that her other wing was angled in the same direction as the one that's already there and we just couldn't see it from the direction we are looking. Perhaps you could add in something to give a glimpse of the "hidden" wing.

Whatever you end up doing, the piece is looking very nice so far!

kecia said...

isn't that the greatest book? so full of awesome ideas, backgrounds, textures, etc. i think your picture is coming along well. i like your idea of sanding down the paste - i think that will give it a nice worn feel to it. keep us posted!

Susan Sager Brown said...

Since she is an angel, why not turn that area into a cloud? Looks you are learning a life lesson from this piece!!