Got Money?

I thought I wanted a career.
Turns out I just wanted paychecks???

Have you ever taken a good look at your paycheck stub? There's one area for what you get and ten (or more) different areas for what somebody else gets.

State income tax withholding.
State disability insurance withholding (SDI)
Employer training tax
Worker's compensation insurance
Federal income tax withholding
Additional Federal WithholdingIncome tax withheld from completed W-4 form
Medicare was combined with Social Security until 1992
FICA: This is the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (the proper name of Social Security). This is divided in 2 parts (1) OASDI - Old Age, Survivor and Disability Insurance and (2) Medicare - Retirement health insurance
Medical Aid & Supplemental Pension Labor & Industries based upon the hours worked
TIAA/CREF, WSTRS I, II & III and PERS I,II & IIIRetirement plans
Group Life Deduction
Life Insurance
LTD DeductionLong-term disability insurance
Medical Insurance Premiums
Supplemental insurance plans
the list goes on . . .

That reminds me, it's time to do those taxes. urrrrrrrrrrrgh

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