Saturday at the Rubberstamp Convention

Ok, so let me get the atc contest results out of the way. I didn't win and I didn't even come in third place this time (bottom lip poked out). However, now I know (or at least I think I do) what the judges are looking for.

In March when the convention returns, I will enter the contest again, but this time with a card that has embellishments! I should have realized that from the last show (when I came in 3rd place). Urrrrrrgh

Now on to the show . . .

This is where I spent most of the day - at Stamper's Anonymous' booth watching Tim Holtz demonstrate techniques using some of his new and not-so-new products and techniques.

Here he is inking up a piece of grungeboard

Drying the ink on the grungeboard

Another technique where Tim places a piece of scrapbook paper on TOP of some of his new masks and then sands the paper to get THIS effect! Pretty cool.

Then there are the Fragments. This is a technique Tim demonstrated where he sanded one side of the Fragment and then stamped an image with clear embossing ink, embossed with a heat gun and whala! the piece looked like it was etched!

This is a sample of a tag Tim did using one of his new clear Masks and one of the new holiday stamps

Tim perusing a Disney book I gifted him at the show. If you know Tim, then you know he's a big fan.

One of Tim's collaged tin cases he made. I saw his case at the last show, but didn't get a chance to take a photo. Isn't it cool?!

Another view of the collaged tin case

Samples of Tim's holiday tags using some of the new (and not-so-new) stamps

This isn't the best photo (darn it), but this is a soldered necklace that a blogger I met in person today - Robin, made. This was Robin's first soldered piece. The necklace is simply beautiful. I thought she had bought it from Sally Jean!

PS Nice meeting you Robin. I didn't get your e-mail address. E-mail me!

And what a nice surprise it was to see Jarri Schwartz at the show! She was one of my table-mates at the Cindy Forrester workshops last month. This was her first time coming to the rubberstamp convention, and it was a blast hanging out with her today. Good seeing you Jarri!!

Here's Jarri making a faux dichroic sea glass charm at After Midnight's make-and-take booth

My faux dichroic necklace I made at After Midnight's booth as a make-and-take

Tim gives the samples he makes to anyone that asks when we are sitting/standing watching him demo.

Below is a necklace that he made from his Idea-ology line today and handed to one of the ladies at the table. She turned around and handed me the necklace because I had given Tim that book. She simply said, "on no, you take it. I can make one for myself". I thanked her, but didn't get her name, so if you were there and you know her, please tell her I said that was very kind of her!

Ran into some people from *the day job* and grabbed a bite to eat with them. It was a beautiful Southern California day out today!

I also spent some quality time with my friends Mary, Diana and Trina. It's always a fun time with that group of ladies! And Eileen . . .it was nice sitting with you as we watched Tim and catching up.

It was a good day!


i am very mary said...

First of all, I love your ATC. And I'm really not so fond of first place... And a Tim Holtz necklace all your own? SWOON! I just adore his stuff. I'm sure they'd kick me out of the convention for stalking him.

Just-Kim said...

It sounds like you had a very fun filled day. I'm jealous! Fabulous necklace, all of them!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You actually received it? That is so cool and I too am very jealous of all the lovely necklaces. I love TH and would just stand there and absorb all of his creativity for the whole period...Is that paper in the faux sea glass related to angelina?

I have your site open so I can listen to the jukebox while I surf! I love Foreplay, Gerald Albright and so many other things on there...

Sherry Goodloe said...

I see you noticed I changed my music list to jazz for awhile. Glad you are enjoying it.

No, not angelina. It's a product like fantasy film or foil magic.

If you'd like, I can send you the technique via e-mail.

Genevieve said...

Awesome pics! I only posted two on my blog so far. Please stop by and check 'em out! LOVE Tim!