My Favorite Art Supply Store

I am SO there! This will be one of those rare times that I pull out the credit card. Yep, it's THAT serious. Oooooooh weeeeee.

Oil paints, water color, parent sheets of Cavellini papers, Jesus tape (yep, tape with Jesus printed on it!), paint brushes, BOOKS, Copic Markers from Japan, pastels, Van Gogh action figures, miniature easels and canvas, a robot eraser that you piece together with movable legs and arms, sushi erasers, those cool pens that write in 5 different colors, single colors or packets of markers, colored pencils, rulers, , charcoals, beading and jewelry making supplies and so much more. This place is like Dick Blick on steroids!

And the customer service. Everybody in the store knows everything about everything they sell. Isn't that a novel concept? AND, if you ask for help, they GIVE IT, and with a big ole smile!

I called the store once to ask about encaustic art, and I got a guy that discussed the art form with me for over a half hour on the phone! When I went into the store later that day, he took me to the aisle where they sold the supplies, and went through every product explaining the pros and cons of each one for what I was trying to accomplish. Now tell me, when was the last time YOU got good service like that????

Lisa Engelbrecht will be doing a calligraphy demonstration on Friday from 2-5pm and signing books on Sunday from 10a-2p. And I read on one of my yahoo groups, there will be many art and manufacturer demos and prizes as well.

Here's a map:

See you there!


Charmingdesigns said...

You wont believe how happy I am you wrote this post. I use to live in Pasadena. I use to go to this store (15 years ago) My wonderful paper cutter came from this store.While visiting this summer I couldn't find it I couldnt remember its name sooooo NEXT summer I will be going here. Is there still a nursery on the other side of the overpass, first road to the right and around the corner....such a cute shop too. Laurie

dede warren said...

I know just the nursery Lori is talking about! They used to host a garden tour once or twice a year for abused women and children. Oh, I miss that place, now long gone... I can't remember the name, Hurst Garden maybe?

Back to the real reason for my comment. I too love The Art Supply Warehouse, and can't wait to stock up on paper, markers, and much more. Hope to see you there!

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks...I think it was Heards. I cant wait to see what you guys get!! Laurie

cigarboxbeads said...

Mary Lou Heard---

the 'garden' is still there, but whenever i go--it's closed ;>(

*our daughter lives very close to Art Supply---i gotta go there---sooon!

marilyn g