Ramos House Bloody Mary Recipe

I was perusing November's Romantic Homes magazine that arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and stopped when I reached page 67 to write this blog post to you.

If you are a fan of the Bloody Mary, I can tell you from experience, you will want/need to try THIS recipe. The Ramos House is a little restaurant located in the heart of the Los Rios Historical District in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Los Rios is the oldest remaining residential street in California, dating back to 1794 when about 40 adobe structures were constructed to house soldiers and workers overseeing construction of the Mission.

Today, there are only three of the original adobes remaining: the Rios, which has been continuously occupied by the same family since 1794; the Montenez, which held religious services while the mission was being constructed; and the Silvas.

Ok, so enough with the history lesson. Let's get serious here and get to the recipe . . .
I don't remember olives and diced peppers in any of the Bloody Mary's I've had there (and I've had a few), but I DO know they load each Bloody Mary up with the pickled beans and a crab claw. THAT'S what makes it a MEAL for me!

And YES, I know the name of my blog is GOT ART? and if you're visiting here for the first time you're probably thinking . . . what the heck does THIS have to do with art?! Well, just take a moment and look at that Bloody Mary photo again . . . I think that's definitely artistic - don't YOU?



Michelle said...

Oh! I LOVE bloddy mary's! thanks for the recipe! When I was preggo, I'd go to the San Clememnte Pier bar and order them "Virgin" Loved them just the same!

Queenly Things said...

Amen!! Art is everywhere and in everything!!! And an artful Bloody MAry is about as good as it gets!!!

Anonymous said...

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