Mark Your Calendars!

The next Mercantile Flea Market will be Saturday, July 5th, and will include a tasty promotion from the Carpe Diem team. They will be giving free hot dog tickets to all visitors when they buy from their vendors.

Westways magazine (the magazine my *day job* publishes) was at their May event (I just missed them) and enjoyed the experience so much that they will be including the flea market in their fall publication! Now how cool is THAT?! They also had a fabulous write up from the Register at their first event.

  • Repeat vendors will be given first consideration for prime space
  • All spaces will be 10 x 10 to avoid crowded pop-up situations
  • Spaces are $25.00
  • Hours will be the same to remain consistent
  • They are also looking for sponsors, so I'm helping spread the word from my little corner of the blog world. They will place sponsors on their collateral, ads and banners
  • For additional information call (714) 680-9882

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