Saturday, May 24, 2008

Had one enrollee for the workshop at Gilding the Lily today.
And no, that's not her above.
Isn't that a hell-of-a-headdress though?
Can't you just see someone wearing this and sitting in front of you at a stage play?

Ok, back to the workshop. My minimum for the class was five,
but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. It was either do the workshop,
or stay home and clean. Well, THAT was a no-brainer.
And I am sooooooo glad that I didn't stay home!

Pick a lens

My sole student (Nancy Griffin) was just the most delightfully charming lady.
And oh how nice it was to work with her one-on-one.

As Nancy was sifting through the bag of printed transparencies,
Dede walked into the store. So of course we all had to stop what we were doing and take time out for some chit chat. Dede just makes you want to stop and talk!

Dede was the winner of my blog give-away yesterday, and since I knew she would be dropping by the store today, I brought along her prize. She chose a light pink ticket bowl.

Here's Dede holding her bowl

Ok, back to the workshop. Dede cut out a crown for Nancy's piece. Look how it just *pops* under the glass

Nancy *auditioning* her collage under the lens

Now how to attach that crystal and little baby shoe embellishment?
Enter - Val Washington

Val (on the left) was kind enough to stop shopping, long enough to make a wire-wrap-thing-a-ma-gig to hold the crystal and baby shoe charm. Perfecto! Thanks again Val.

That's Nancy Jamar (owner of Gilding the Lily) with her back to us and Wendy Humphreys.

And speaking of Val, here are a few of her custom designed jewelry pieces:

This bracelet is my favorite:

and LOVE these hair combs!

and this bracelet - wow! There were matching earrings,
but I didn't get a photo of them darn it.

Ok, Focus Sherry - focus! . . . back to Nancy's piece

Embellishments glued and drying. A close up shot

And here is the completed necklace hanging from
one of the mannequins in the store. Nice Nancy - very nice :-)

Thank you for coming today Nancy. I enjoyed spending the morning and early afternoon with you, and hope to see you again soon. I hope the recipient of your creation loves it! And the handstamped jewelry bag you made to present it in.

Remember Wendy? - she's the one in the photo above talking to Nancy Jamar. Well, today was the first day I had met her as well. Still ANOTHER delightful lady to talk to! And talented TOO. Here she is working on her latest creation:

You can see - as well as purchase her jewelry creations in her Etsy Shop

There was more to this day after I left the store that I wanted to share with you, but it's after 10pm and my eyes are tired. I'll have to do another blog entry tomorrow after I get some rest. Oh WAIT . . . I've got to be at the Vintage Flea Market at Whimzy's in the morning at 8 o'clock! I'll have to blog when I get back.

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dede warren said...

Sherry first let me say, I love the way you write, it makes me laugh and brings a smile to my face. It was good to see you yesterday. Isn't Nancy's shoppe just filled with friendly, talented women? Love that place! Thanks again for my bowl, I have it on my desk in my scrappy room, and it looks as cute as can be.

Vallen said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there. I would love to take a class from you.