My Outing on Monday, March 24th

I started the day out with a drive over to the local thrift store in Lake Forest. Picked up this tin tray for $2.50. I think this will make a nice place to house my bottles of glitter.

Then about 4 or 5 stores down is the antique store. Just had to stop in to say hello and browse around a bit. Plus they always have good coffee and cookies! And since I hadn't taken the time to make coffee before I left home . . . well . . .
This is my $15 find at the antique store.

I saw the closed box on the floor, opened it, and look what was inside!!

Headed over to S&L Designs (that new store I was telling you about last weekend) also in Lake Forest, and this is my $14 find there . . .

Started getting a little hungry, but really didn't want to stop to eat. Jumped on the 5 freeway and headed over to Old Town Tustin and found a new thrift store (at least new to ME). Picked up some really old salt and pepper shakers and a mason jar there.

Jumped back on the freeway and headed over to Orange. I'm like REALLY hungry at this point! So I stopped for a hearty breakfast at Watson's. They have the BEST potatoes with onions, bits of ham, bell peppers - all smoothered with cheese! I had the potatoes, a couple of eggs over easy, a biscuit with gravy, and fresh squeezed lemonade. And no, I didn't even put a DENT in that plate of food!

I needed to walk that breakfast off, so I walked around the corner and visited each and every one of the antique stores on both sides of the street on that block. Everything I saw that I wanted was just a little too much for my current financial state, so this is the only piece that I picked up. It's a really old Heinz 57 bottle. Got it on sale for $3

After a couple of hours of walking, bending, turning, stooping, (you get the picture) . . . I thought I should head back home. As I was heading back to my vehicle, I passed by a store that was closed on Mondays (darn it!). I pressed my face to window and shielded the sides of my eyes with my hands as I looked to see what was inside that I was missing. Ohhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh, is that oil cloth I see?! Yep, sure is. I think those are some sort of shopping bags or purses or something. Oh my, is that price correct? I've GOT to find some of that oil cloth and make some stuff!

Ok, so I'm heading back to Lake Forest and I'm probably about a mile from home, when it hits me . . . I'll pull over and call Jo Ann's and see if they carry oil cloth. They didn't, but because my Jo Ann's has such knowledgeable staff (unlike my Michael's store - sheeeeesh!), someone suggested I try Big Y in Orange. Big Y? in Orange? On Tustin? I was just OVER that way! (Big Sigh)

Turned back around, got back on the freeway (it's now rush hour traffic) and headed back to the city of Orange. HEY, when I'm on a mission, nothing can stop me!!

Oooooooohhh weeeeeeeeeeee Look what I found!!
I bought the solid yellow, the blue with fruits, the red with fruits, and the blue with flowers. Stay tuned to what I'm going to make with this oil cloth and possibly selling in my Etsy shop in the next couple of months! (smiles) Here's a little hint . . .


Vallen said...

We are definitely sisters -that's the only explanation. I too am on a Mexican oilcloth project. I have made things with it before (when I lived in Mexico) but not for awhile now. Can't wait to show and tell with you.

Sherry G. said...

I agree - we are sisters that have just found each other! (smiles)
I can hardly wait to see your Mexican oilcloth project. And how cool that you lived in Mexico!

I AM VERY MARY said...


Sherry G. said...

Ok Mary Ann - let's go this weekend!!