Backgrounds for Future Artwork

These are some backgrounds I've done using some Golden products. Light Molding Paste, Gesso and Grounds, Heavy Molding Paste, and more. And I just LOVE their acrylics!

On the first piece on the left, I used Golden's Light Molding Paste. It's very light and has some unique qualities. It looks like vanilla cake frosting when you scoop it out of the jar.

After I applied it to matboard, I let it dry overnight.

Once dried, I took a wet papertowel and dampened the surface. Then I mixed a little water with some acrylic paints and applied to the dampened surface. It gives it a watercolored effect.

The second piece I had some sequin waste readily available, so I stippled paint through the sequin waste in three spots after applying various swipes of molding paste mixed with fluids on the background.

The last two pieces were done on canvas. I used a palette knife and ran some of the molding paste mixed with acrylics through another piece of sequin waste.

You can click on each photo to get a larger view.

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I AM VERY MARY said...

How fun! Aren't you itching to use them?