Paris to the Moon and Paris Underground

So going to the O.C. Scrapbook Convention today was a waste of time and $6 entry fee. At least it was for ME. I spent exactly $2.59 at the event for 3 pieces of paper.

As I was making the long walk back to my car, I thought HEY! why not stop by Paris to the Moon since it wasn't that far from the Fairgrounds.

Oooooooh I'm glad I stopped by. The Owner, Darren Calkins, was re-dressing the front window of the store when I pulled up. Glad I had my camera with me. Here are a couple of shots of Darren in the window . .

And feast your eyes on some of the eye candy INSIDE the store today:

Kerri (also from the store) and I started up a conversation about arts, crafts and rubberstamp conventions, different art styles, upcoming events, etc. I was telling her how much I loved the store and mentioned to her that I liked art that was edgy as well. She asked me if I saw the store in the back. I said that I saw it, but the door was locked. So Kerri got the key and off we went to the other store - Paris Underground. It's the darker side of Paris to the Moon. You'll understand when you see the couple of photos below that I snapped:

If you are ever in the area, and you love glitter, glam, vintage, and/or the darker side kind of art, these are stores you just have to visit. And if you're into Halloween, Kerri said The Darker Side of the Moon is just FAB-u-LOUS!

This is a photo of the postcard they sent out for the Summer Artist Market event they had last August.

Mark your calendars, because on March 15th from 8am to 1pm, they are having the Outdoor Spring Artist Market. There will be vintage treasures as well as handmade art and gift items for sale. Count me in!

Paris to the Moon is located at 1720 A. Santa Ana Avenue in Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Their telephone number is (949) 642-0942. You can get to their website by clicking on the title of this post. They do not have an on-line shopping cart as of the writing of this post, but Kerri told me they will have one within a couple of weeks. So those of you that aren't as fortunate as I am to be able to stop in the store any time you want, will be able to shop on line soon!

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