One World - One Heart Drum Roll Please!

And the winner IS! . . . Mary Ann from A Very Mary Design
This was Mary's post:

I AM VERY MARY said...
I need to win your giveaway because, if I don't, I will spend all day on Friday crying about what a huge loser I am. Then my poor daughter will be embarassed when I pick her up from school with puffy eyes and a snotty nose, which will cause her to ignore me for the rest of the evening, which will cause me to cry even harder, which will cause my significant other to take me to the mental ward AGAIN. And, well, it would just be so much easier if I won.



I AM VERY MARY said...

Oh wow, I'd like to thank Sherry for offering such lovely prizes with such good artistic talent and such an eye for aesthetics. To Sherry's son for obviously having a good sense of humor and realizing I would have bribed him with dollar bills if necessary. To Blogger for offering free space on the web where strangers can meet, share laughter and giveaways, and stalk one another secretly (AKA lurking). I'd like to thank my mom for raising me to appreciate new boxes of crayons, Crayola of course. And to my dad, thanks for that one really important heartfelt talk after I got my butt kicked in 9th grade by that Kyra girl. Without all of you, I am certain that I would be normal. And, well, we wouldn't want that.

Got Art? said...

Loved your award speech Mary!