Did they say I've got to work on the Holiday?!

That's me rockin' my afro in the early 70's at a "house party" back home in Indianapolis, Indiana. Angela Davis eat your heart out!

Yep, gotta go to work tomorrow. The major insurance company I work for (you know, the "day job") and the L.A. Dogers are producing a video PSA (public service announcement) about teen traffic safety to be aired on the big Dodger Vision Screen at the team's home games beginning later next month.

I was asked to participate along with my son and one of his friends. The teens are being filmed playing softball while demonstrating missed plays because of text messaging and cell phone calls.

So what the heck am I going to be doing at this film shoot? At least they are providing lunch, water and snacks all day. Huuummm, I'd better stop and get some coffee in case they didn't think anyone would be needing any of THAT early in the morning!


Kristy C said...

oh noooooooooooo!! Sorry to hear you have to work tomorrow! At least they will provide grub for ya though!:)

Kristy C said...

oh yeah, and LOVE the photo!:)

sf said...

Hey Sherry,
It's me, Sarah. I loved 'hearing' your comment on my post today and had to meander over and check ya out. I will be a regular visitor from now on.
And this! Fab snap! You're so pretty
all haloed like that. Have you used the image in anything? Could be nice for an atc. . .